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Founded over 2,500 years ago by the Phocaeans, Agde is know for its beautiful basalt monuments. Although the resort town, Cap d’Agde, attracts the most tourists, the city of Agde has much to offer if you are looking for something other than laying on the beach and swimming in the Mediterranean. Take the time to explore, especially since the old city is only a 10-minute walk from Les Champs Blancs.

Remarkable cultural and natural heritage

Just walking through the historical center of this Occitan city of barely 28,000 inhabitants, you will see its architectural importance. The city of Agde is dotted with very well-preserved religious buildings, some of which are historical monuments, including Saint-Etienne cathedral, Saint-Sever church, Saint-André church, Notre-Dame-du-Grau church, and the Agenouillade chapel.

The wharves of the Hérault are great for a walk with the family after an activity on the water, especially at night during the summer.

Agde’s cultural heritage also includes residences built between the 17th and 18th centuries, such as the Malaval hotel and the old bishops’ palace. The squares are decorated with beautiful fountains: Napoleon fountain, République fountain and Belle Agathoise near the Esplanade…

As for nature, the Canal du Midi is an idyllic place to walk or bike through the countryside in the shade of the plane trees. There are several parks and gardens in the city, as well as the Bagnas nature reserve at the edge of the Lake of Thau.

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5 things to see and do in Agde

  • Visit the Saint-Etienne cathedral With large fortifications, Agde’s most emblematic monument combines a religious building with a fortified castle. The volcanic stone used to construct it comes from the Mont Saint-Loup.
  • Cruise the Canal du Midi There are several options for boat rides along the Canal, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will pass through several locks in your boat or barge, including the famous round lock, an historical monument.
  • Go to a water jousting tournament This a central part of Languedoc tradition. Tournaments take place in good weather in Agde and the surrounding towns. You’re sure to have a good time at our campsite in Agde!

Learn more about the city of Agde.

  • Explore the Bagnas reserve This 563-hectare wet zone, which is a national nature reserve, is a haven for migratory birds and other threatened species. Explore the ponds and educate your children on the fragility of the ecosystems that they see.
  • Visit the Jules-Baudou museum This museum of fine arts and Hérault traditions was founded in 1932 in a Renaissance-style mansion. It contains several collections of costumes, furniture, paintings, and model ships.
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